Yadi supports the development of economy to serve the public. Customers orientated, the enterprise sticks to a steady and sustainable development strategy, which involves in constant innovation and continual exploration into the market, providing the customers with complete, multifunctional and customized service. Based upon the essential Chinese traditional culture and modern western management, Yadi has formed its own unique character.

In confrontation with the current new situation and new market, Yadi will stick to the subject of sustainable development while it constantly deepens the structural reform, conducts scientific management, attracts the talented and construct the culture inside the enterprise in order to establish a competitive modern enterprise with complete structure, improved functioning system and normalized interior management.

To ensure the genuine Yadi Automobile Leather Case, please note the Y symbol at the back of each genuine leather case.

Yadi places great importance to the establishment of an impressive brand name because it knows that a brand represents the quality and even the whole enterprise. It contains the spiritual connotation of the common objective people pursue.

Yadi also places importance to the promotion of the brand, using various medias to provide the consumers with the most fundamental information from the market. By so doing, the enterprise always succeeds in creating recognitions to the promoted brand.

Yadi attentively studies the each brand including its content and dealing as well as the clients' value, working mode and thinking mode that influences the brand. Moreover, based upon the understanding of consuming structure where the distributors work and upon the existent production environment, Yadi accurately assesses the situation of the brand in the market and seeks a decent entry for the promotion of the brand.

| 更新时间:2019.08.24